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    Very helpful. It would be great to show a step by step example on how to use built-in tradingview strategy to create automated trading on Tradovate.

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    hi i want to open position with tp and sl in one alarm  i try every command(oco and ...) it can not be
    i can make position with alarm but i can not  set tp and sl in one alarm
    when i use oco in alarm it just send order with tp and sl but not open a postion
    when is dont use it it just open position with no tp and sl order
    can i set tp sl order and open  market position in one alarm?
    or i shoud have one alarm for open market position
    and another alarm for send tp sl order ?
    please help me iam trying for weeks
    my exchange :okx

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    Thank you for this very helpful plugin.

    Tradovate has an auto trail feature in its GUI order settings with the following three input fields:

    ATM Settings
    Auto trail:
        1.) stop loss
        2.) profit trigger
        3.) frequency

    Can this be implemented with Autoview and if so, can you share an example with a market order with stop loss and the above auto trail feature. Thank you! 

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